Plymouth Dome & Smeaton's Tower

Plymouth Dome

Plymouth Dome
Hoe Road

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Plymouth Dome is now closed

Proposals to transform the building into a new visitor attraction complete with restaurant and exhibition area are currently under consideration.

Please watch this page for further details, which we will add as they are announced.

Smeaton's Tower

Plymouth Dome Smeatons Tower is one of the world's most famous lighthouses built by John Smeaton in 1759 on the Eddystone Rocks, (14 miles SW of Plymouth).

The tower that we see on The Hoe, is the top portion of the original 1759 Eddystone Lighthouse - which was rebuilt here in 1882.

Having been restored to it's former glory it now stands majestically on the Hoe overlooking Tinside Pool, a unique 1930's outdoor Lido on the edge of Plymouth Sound.

Plymouth Dome was an educational adventure which took you on a voyage through time. It detailed Plymouth's colourful history over the past 400 years from the voyages of Drake and Cook to the devastation suffered by the town during World War II.

Visitors could climb to the top of the tower and enjoy breathtaking views across Plymouth Sound and the surrounding area.

The Dome, when in operation, offered a vast array of things to see and do which will appealed to all age groups from young to old.

Plymouth Dome was a wonderful attraction which at one time told the fascinating story of Plymouth's past.

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