Morwellham Quay is an award winning visitor centre set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Step into the Victorian world, meet our costumed staff, learn how things used to be done, dress yourself from our Victorian wardrobe.

A visit to Morwellham is unlike anywhere else you'll go. It will be a great day for certain, as it has been since 1968. A totally different exciting and educational day for the entire family.

For 1,000 years Morwellham was a centre for shipping silver, tin, copper and other minerals. The busiest year was 1868 but by 1900 the Port was deserted and overgrown. Morwellham Quay is now rediscovered and new areas are restored and conserved every year for you to enjoy. "At one time there was enough arsenic on our quayside to poison the entire population of the world....... but all traces of it are now gone"

School Groups

At Morwellham Quay we welcome school groups and offer specific educational support in the following range of subjects and key stages:


  • KS1 - Everyday life, work and leisure of people in the past
  • KS2 - Victorian Britain
  • KS3 - Expansion, trade and industry - Britain 1750 - circa 1900


KS1, KS2 and KS3:
  • Life Processes and Living Things - Living things in their environment
  • Materials and their Properties - Grouping Materials, Changing Materials
  • Physical Processes - Forces and Motion


  • KS1 - Places - physical and human features; quality of the environment
  • KS2 - Rivers; Weather; Settlement; Environmental change
  • KS3 - Geomorphologic Processes; Ecosystems; Population; Settlement; Economic Activities


Morwellham Quay is owned and run by the Morwellham and Tamar Valley Trust which is a registered charity in England (number 261361).


Morwellham Quay,
Near Tavistock,
Devon PL19 8JL

Enquiries: 01822-832766 Information: 01822-833808
Fax: 01822-833808

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