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Pebble Beach At Charmouth

Charmouth Beach - looking towards the Heritage Centre

Charmouth Heritage centre and Beach cafe

Heritage Centre and Cafe - Charmouth

Fossil Scelidosaurus display Charmouth Heritage Centre

Reproduction of a Scelidosaurus found by James Harrison of Charmouth on Black Venn (between Charmouth and Lyme Regis) in 1858

Fossil Hunting on the Dorset Jurassic Coast

The coastal village of Charmouth is, along with the neighbouring town of Lyme Regis, a 'Gateway' to the Dorset World Heritage Site.

Ammonite - Dactylioceras atheticum	The unique Jurassic geological strata this stretch of coastline lead to the areas world wide recognition as a centre for fossil hunting was significant in the early development of the fields of geology and palaeontology.

Charmouth is located on the river Char, which cuts though the dramatic cliffs of this ancient ancient coastline. There is ample car parking and public toilets located adjacent to the Charmouth Heritage Centre, adjacent to the mouth of the river. There is also a café and Fossil shop on the ground floor of the Heritage centre.

Charmouth is an ideal spot for a traditional family holiday set in amongst some beautiful scenery , it provides a quiet location for a day at the beach.

Fossil hunting is the main activity along this stretch of coastline. There is a constant stream of people walking along the beach, towards the cliffs at Golden Cap, hunting for fossils.

Ammonites, belemnites and crinoids are all found in the pebble banks, but after heavy storms, there are occasionally more dramatic and impressive finds. The constant cliff erosion means that large numbers of fossils are deposited onto the beaches, especially following stormy periods, these include ammonites belemnites and section of crinoids, but also ichthyosaurs, giant marine reptiles and bones from dinosaurs. "Rock hammers" are available (though not really needed) for hire from the beach hut café, to the east of the main car parks.

The beach to the east of the car park and Heritage Centre is the best for amateur hunters. You will need to cross a bridge over the river, just a few hundred meters east of the car parks, and follow the path across the field, towards the green beach hut café, at the foot of the cliffs. On most days there is a steady stream of people to follow, all walking along the strand line.

Charmouth Heritage Centre


Charmouth Heritage Centre

The Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre was established to educate the public about the fossils and geology of the area and to promote the safe and sustainable collection of fossils.

The heritage centre is located on the upper floor with a café and fossil shop below. In the Heritage Centre, there are displays of local fossils and exhibits of the local marine life.

This is a great place to start your day, especially if you are here with children - once you have visited the centre, buy a few ammonites from the fossil shop below, to hide in the pebbles on the beach later; there are a lot of people out very early, so best be prepared!

There is an excellent café in the centre and the Fossil Shop is a fascinating insight to the range of fossils found in the area, including an ichthyosaur head found on the cliffs locally.



Charmouth Cliffs Dorset

Charmouth - Dorset cliffs looking towards Golden Cap and West Bay

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