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During Saxon times Crediton was the cathedral city for Devon. The town's historical significance began in 680AD when a child know as Winfrith was born here. Winfrith became St Boniface, one of the greatest Christian missionaries, a founding father of the Christian church in Europe and the Patron Saint of the Netherlands and Germany.

The first church built in Crediton, in 909AD, was served as a cathedral until 1050AD when the Bishop's Throne was moved to Exeter and the site of the current cathedral. The parish church of the Holy Cross is constructed of magnificent red sandstone. It is of cathedral-like proportions and features a stained glass east window depicting the life of St Boniface - culminating in his martyrdom in Germany in 755AD.

The town has a friendly indoor market as well as many other small specialist shops selling local produce. The town also has many restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine.


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