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Walking on Dartmoor.

Dartmoor is Southern England's last great wilderness. Once you venture away from the gentle rolling hills of Dartmoors' picturesque villages, such as Widecombe-on-the moor, Buckland and Ashburton, you find yourself in a heather strewn landscape of granite outcrops and Neolithic monuments - a landscape etched over countless centuries by the action of wind, rain and frost.

Dartmoor offers a range of walks at differing levels from a gentle stroll to a fully fledge hike. It is important that you are honest about your own abilities and level of fitness, before venturing upon anything that will take you out of contact for any length of time. Please remember that as with many of Britain's wildest terrains, the experience can either inspire or traumatise - the weather in this region is changeable - at best - so being prepared is the most important requirement. The correct equipment is essential (compass, whistle, map, waterproof clothing, first aid kit etc.) as even the best of days can quickly turn into an orienteering challenge. Walks on this stunning granite landscape are something to be enjoyed and with the right equipment you know that you are not going to get caught on the 'hop'.

The Dartmoor National Park Authority organises a number of walks from various locations each year. These walks are arranged by category from a gentle stroll to a full walk:

  • Easy-going stroll - a short walk of up to two hours at a gentle pace from locations that are accessible by everyone including the less mobile.
  • Stroll - A walk of up to two hours at an easy pace; that can be accomplished by children and slower walkers. Many of the National parks introductory walks are at this level.
  • Walks - These are for the more experienced and fitter walkers, covering longer distances over open moorland. These walks encounter some steep and rough terrains and you definitely need to be aware of your own abilities. All walks are taken at the pace of the slowest walker. The guides for these walks will always set of from the start point, regardless of the weather conditions - deciding upon the final route at the time - taking into account the weather and ability range of the group.

For details, bookings or an up to date events guide, telephone the events hotline on 01822 890414.

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