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The Abbey wall and Abbey Bridge in the centre of Tavistock
2011 © Bex de Rochefort-Turner

Straddling the fast flowing river Tavy below the Western edge of Dartmoor, Tavistock is the centre of a beautiful and fascinating district.

Tavistock stands in the heart of an area of tremendous natural beauty which ranges from Dartmoor - whose purples, grays, browns and greens are matched by the variety of its moods; now somber and brooding, now sunlit and colourful, now mysterious in a misty cape - to the softly wooded valleys to the North and West of the Town.

Nearby is the sea. Thirty miles northwards is the rugged Cornish Atlantic coast with its stark cliffs and often heavy breakers.

Only 15 miles to the South lies the more placid Channel with picturesque fishing ports and beaches well within reach. Plymouth, with excellent shopping and fascinating historical links, is only 15 miles away.

Below is Brentor Church, just North of Tavistock.

Brentor Church © Beth Graber
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